Enterprise Culture


Company Mission:Continuously provide excellent medical products for the cause of human health;
Company vision:Become the most well-known and influential supplier in the medical industry;
Company Spirit:unite as one, be honest and pragmatic;
Company positioning:Focus on the medical industry, first specialized and then strong and then big;
Business purpose:Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction;
Service concept:Think what users think, urgent users urgent;
Employing philosophy:All the elements are available and should be reused; the elements are incompetent and should be cultivated for use; the elements are not capable and should be restricted for use; the elements are incompetent and should not be used.
Image in the public:Have a sense of social responsibility of the integrity of the company;
Image in the customer:Integrity, professionalism, quality;
image in the manufacturers:Trusted partners;
Image among employees:Companies that are proud of and worthy of reliance;
Image in the industry:worthy of respect, worthy of learning from the industry model;

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